fetchTweets v4e2 released as Open Source.

A year ago we made the source code available for download.  As of today we are releasing fetchTweets source code as open source.
You can find it here: https://bitbucket.org/jorgep/fetchtweets

You can review the code, modify it,  re-write it and make it your ownre without restrictions… However, we would love to get a few of you to contribute to further improving it…  We have noted a few “wish list” items on the issues list.. We would love to work with you!


fetchTweets  is a free tool that allows a user to retrieve / “fetch” tweets from an account and returns the results in a simple HMTL table with no formatting that you can copy and paste into the clipboard.


You can try it at the fully functional site: http://enterprisal.com/fetchtweetsapp/


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