eKalendaro Update 20150824

Today we released  a new version of eKalendaro.  The upgrades and fixes include:

  • Redesign entry screen.
  • Added WYSIWYG editor to WordPress and Tumblr interface
  • Fixed a reported issue with publishing to WordPress and Tumblr
  • Redevelop Check for updates in admin.
  • Changed entry status reports to provide clearer way to approve entries before being published.
  • Revise permissions by user type.
  • Easy access to list all entries by Status.¬† they include:
    • Draft, On-Hold, Ready4Review, Revisit, In-Queue and Published
  • Bitly interface option is now off by default.

The new version number is: v1p2 (Beta)

To check how can eKalendaro help you with your social media publishing check our product page or go directly to the demo site. 

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