Ekalendaro Twitter Channel Setup

Connect to Twitter: Twitter Channel Set-up

1. Register your site as an application on Twitter’s application registration page

  • If you’re not currently logged in to Twitter, log-in to the account you want associated with this site
  • Your application name cannot include the word “Twitter.”
  • Your Application Description can be anything.
  • The WebSite and Callback URL should be http://yoursitename.ekalendaro.com

Agree to the Twitter Developer Agreement and continue.

2. Switch to the “Permissions” tab in Twitter apps

  • Make sure your the application Type is set to “Read and Write”   –  If not change it and
  • Update the application settings

3. If not already done, in a New Window, login to your eKalendaro instance as an admnistrator.

  • To to Admin Tools, select Channel Table Maintenance
  • Select Add a new channel, and for each field  enter information as follows:
    • ID Auto field. no need to enter anything
      Name Enter a short descriptive name for the channel:  ie:  Twitter( @twittername )  or @twittername
      Description: Enter a longer description of the channel
      Channel API Select Twitter
      Channel View Link URL for twitter.  ie:  https://twitter.com/twittername
      Active Yes
      Comments Open Optional data field

3. In the Twitter Window,   Switch to the Keys and Access Tokens tab

  • From the “Applications Settings Section“:
    • Regenerate your consumer key and secret
    • Copy your API key    to the Consumerkey  field in eKalendaro
    • Copy your API secret to the Secretkey  field in eKalendaro
  • From the “Your Access Token” section:
    • Create your access token.
    • Copy your Access token  to the Access token  field in eKalendaro
    • Copy your Access token secret to the Access token secret field in eKalendaro
eKalendaro Channel  Screen: Twitter Application Setup Screens

eKalendaro Twitter Setup Screen Sample







Twitter Application Description TAB



Twitter Application Keys and Access Tokens Tab


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