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ConnectRelate is a simple and easy-to-use web-based application to track associations (aka: relationships) among any number and type of items. is a simple, effective natural and flexible way of managing seemingly disparate information.

ConnectRelate began as a personal app to help keep track of relationships between different topics. Then, we thought might be useful for our study group, so we used it to help study for our history class. We then used to track different companies and their CEOs history. It worked well for the group, so we said – why not have fun and release it as an web-app for others to use!


Better than index cards!

Key benefits:

  • Unlimited number of items
  • Unlimited associations between items
  • Unlimited notes for each item
  • Open and flexible free-form fields
  • Collaborate / Share with others
  • Fully Searchable
  • Private / Public items, associations & notes
General Key features: Benefit
  • get started in minutes
  • simple and intuitive to use
  • no server to install & maintain
  • safe, secure & backed up
  • no contract lock in
Unlimited Records Enter as many records (aka: nodes) as you would like.       Each node has multiple tabs which can contain information about the topic at hand. 
Unlimited Connections and Relationships You have the ability to connect nodes between each other, by creating one or two way relationships (connections) between them. 
Ability to enter notes for  each record (node) Store an unlimited number of notes for each record (node). Each note is dated and displayed below each data point. Write full paragraphs (or more) of information to share with team members. Able to mark notes private for information you do not want exposed.   Search across notes within a data point or all notes in the system. 
Collaborative environment ConnectRelate can be very useful for an individual, but even better if you use it with others! Get the whole group onboard in seconds. You will see connections and notes you never thought about individually!
Full text search capabilities Search all nodes and notes easily and quickly. 
No HTML or coding needed Absolutely no HTML knowledge is required.   All information is entered into the system via WYSIWYG typing screens. 
Web Based Application You don’t have to install anything on your computer because we are using HTML5. 
Your data is private and secure  You have full control over who sees the data.  If you want further security, you can opt-in for a SSL/HTTPS connection, the same technology used by banks.
Access Anywhere, Anytime You can access the web-based application from any internet connected modern browser. Coming soon:  Android and iOS.


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Study Notes –
  • Inventory Tracking –
  • Issue Tracking –
  • Chemical Relationship Management –
  • Artist Relationship Research …
  • and many more!

Pricing is based on the total number of users and entries you want.

Unlimited projects and clients on all plans

All prices listed are monthly for up to the number of users listed for each package (not on a per-user bases).

Select the option that best suits your needs: 

Price/month $0 $5 $15 $25
Users up to 3 up to 10 up to 25 unlimited
Entries 100 500 5000 unlimited
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No credit card required to register and create your own instance!
You will be setup with your initial 3 users FREE account and can upgrade to your desired plan within the application whenever you are ready!


Pricing Differentiators:

Unlike other systems out there that charge on a per individual user, our pricing structure is based on the TOTAL number of active users you expect to have:

ConnectRelate pricing includes:
– A fixed price per month: with all features being available to all users.

– Unlimited Notes

– First 100MB of file storage (more available for nominal fee)

– Daily data backups  – down-loadable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How much do you charge / Is it free?
    • Currently (during beta) the basic service is free-of-charge. We plan to offer a free-basic plan, as well as fee-based upgrades, for those requiring more storage, users or want an ad-free site.
  • How does it work / How long does it take?
    • Simply register to the site, within minutes you will receive a confirmation email to your URL ( where you can begin to use the application.
  • Do you offer a trial version?
    • Yes. We offer a free version for up to 30 entries. It provides all of the features of the full version, and we won’t ask you for a credit card.
  • Do you offer support?
    • Absolutely! – Just send us a quick email and we will be glad to help!
  • How is the data protected?
      • It is a web application that allows you to track associations and notes about
  • What types of payments do you accept?
    • Currently, we accept payments via PayPal.
      After you hit the subscribe button, you will be redirected to PayPal for payment. You can pay using a Credit Card or your PayPal account. After the payment process successfully completes, you will get redirected to a page where you will be given instructions on how to proceed. You will also receive an email with the purchase information.
  • Can I export my data
    • You can export your data into a compressed file which you can then download. Data from your records will be in a CSV-format.
  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
    • There’s no contract on the monthly packages — you just pay as you go, and you can cancel any time without penalty. The Annual Package is a one-year contract. You can choose to renew or cancel at the end of every year.
  • Can I cancel any time?
    • ConnectRelate is provided as a monthly subscription service. You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your service at any time.  When you cancel your subscription your data will be erased, so please export the data prior to terminating your service.
  • Do you provide support?
    • Our goal is to provide excellent support. If you have any problems with your application instance, chances are we are already working on it, but contact us and we will help you with them. Your success is our success. We provide email and forum support. All emails are answered within the same business day.

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