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1CloudServices1cp07_102012Cloud Computing has proven to be a game changer for many companies that have taken advantage of its capabilities. Not only it significantly reduces the cost but more importantly, it provide a much more agile alternative to installing running and maintaining servers and software in house.

Often the migration path into the cloud, feels like an overwhelming leap of faith for those that have traditionally operated computing environments on their own premises, and this is were we believe we can help!

We are passionate about cloud computing, and we have lots of experience within this space. the services we can provide include:

  • Cloud Strategy and Planning
    • We can help guide you through the different options and choices available, and arrive to the best decision based on your requirements and situation.
  • Cloud Migration Services
    • We can help migrate your existing environment into the cloud.
  • Cloud Application Development
    • We understand what it meant to develop, deploy and manage applications and data within the cloud environment.

Give is a call if you are considering Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Office 365, Google’s Cloud Services or G Suite (formerly Google Apps), .

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